Ring and Ride

Ring and Ride is a pre-bookable service operating throughout the Huntingdonshire Area five days a week. The service is based on a timetable/route and users holding a Cambridgeshire County Council bus pass can use the service free of charge after registering. If you are eligible for Ring and Ride, then you can use us for any reason. For example; shopping, pubs and restaurants etc. You must be a member of HACT to use this service.

Our minibuses are fully accessible and equipped with clamps and fittings to secure you and your wheelchair in safely. If preferred the driver can assist you with transferring to a seat.

This is a door to door service and will take you to the designated destinations (see Areas 1, 2 and 3). The drivers offer assistance to individual passengers in boarding and leaving the vehicle and makes sure you are transported safely during the journey, but we are not able to offer support once your destination is reached, however you can take an escort with you. The bus will pick up other members on route and the time of your journey will vary depending on how many people are travelling. Please note that all our times listed on the timetables are approximate.

So that Ring and Ride can be available to as many people as possible it does follow a form of route and timetable. To find out which days/times it serves your area, please refer to the timetable for your area.

We also run Special Outings throughout the year. Please refer to the Ring and Ride Special Outings and Day Trips timetable for dates and fares.

Just like any other bus service, Ring and Ride has to charge fares, but these are kept as low as possible. Members with a valid bus pass that has been issued by Cambrigeshire County Council can travel on our Ring and Ride service free of charge. If you require more information about the bus pass scheme please contact us.

Please make sure you have booked before 1pm the day before you wish to travel.

We will telephone you the day before you travel with your pickup time.

To become a Ring and Ride member please refer to the registration process.